Case Study

Reducing cost while deploying faster. 

As a leading oncology SaaS provider, VieCure was able to reduce infrastructure deployments from weeks to minutes whilst reducing average environment cost by 35%.

Healthcare; Radiation Oncology


Cost Management, DevOps Automation


Azure DevOps, App Services, Azure SQL PaaS, Azure Kubernetes Service


This business needed to optimize deployments to support existing strategic customers and prepare for a large commercial launch that would see dozens of new customers onboarding to the platform in the coming year.

By partnering with Eastwall in a Commercial & Cost Optimization engagement, our team was able to accomplish:

  • Migration of 40+ live software environments
  • Optimization of the cost & spend portfolio, reducing total cost by 35% or more
  • Created an automated Azure DevOps software solution that reduced deployment times from weeks to minutes, allowing the platform rapid scale out for future implementation
  • Robust backlog of future improvement opportunities and technical roadmap to remove technical debt and focus on core product strategy

The Challenge

VieCure made it their strategic initiative to be focused on the Azure cloud to support scalability, agility and cost savings. With VieCure having multiple production releases weekly, VieCure needed to be modern, stable, and ready to scale for future growth. "We need to strategically leverage cloud for our platform, but as a business we don’t win or lose based on building a bench of cloud financial experts,” explains Ramesh Peesapaty, VP of Software Engineering at VieCure. “I’d rather that we focus our internal resources on activities that generate the most value for our clients and find a partner to work with that specializes in the Azure cloud optimization space."

VieCure worked with several partners in the past and chose Eastwall not only because of its technical expertise, but because of Eastwall’s deep knowledge in the healthcare and radiation oncology space.


The Solution

Eastwall worked with VieCure in an expanded Cost & Commercial Optimization engagement. Eastwall & VieCure partnered to evaluate core application architectures, existing Azure resources and critical software deployment methodologies. Together Eastwall & VieCure built blueprints & roadmaps that outlined how to move their platform forward.

In addition to right-sizing assets and making the most of Azure Enterprise Dev/Test pricing offers, Eastwall enabled rapid deployment of VieCure’s Halo Intelligence platform. By automating infrastructure & software deployments, a new Azure DevOps pipeline ecosystem was built to deploy optimized environments in minutes.

Providing ample documentation, Eastwall was able to outline opportunities to improve network architecture, software uptime and overall cost profile. VieCure leveraged documentation provided to support the migration & optimization of several critical shared services.


Eastwall has made it easier for us to grow, expand and rely on Azure to support our business goals.  Our partnership allows us to focus our internal resources on activities that generate value for our clients and continuously outlines our highest priorities moving forward.

Gerry Hogue, President & CEO


The Benefit

VieCure was able to outline, document and migrate over forty live software environments in less than a month’s time into new subscriptions in an optimized cost profile. By leveraging optimized SKUs based on real application usage & Azure’s Enterprise Dev/Test offering, savings of over 35% was achieved across the entire Azure portfolio. VieCure maintains a predictable spend moving forward.

Along with achieving significant financial savings in Azure, VieCure was able to leverage templated deployments & programmatic software pipelines built by Eastwall. The total time to deploy a net-new environment was reduced from several business days to just minutes. Now repeatedly and reliably deploying their Halo Intelligence platform via automation, VieCure is focusing critical Information Technology resources on building and optimizing patient-centric features instead of managing operational overhead.

The biggest benefit, by far, was access to Eastwall’s expertise. “Our Eastwall team is just as much a part of our software engineering organization as our internal staff.  Their integration with our team, technical delivery, and guidance has been outstanding,” concludes Peesapaty.


Our Eastwall team is just as much a part of our software engineering organization as our internal staff. Their integration with our team, technical delivery, and guidance has been outstanding.

Ramesh Peesapaty, VP of Software Engineering


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