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Best-in-breed platform development

As a leading facilities operations & integrations organization, building a new flagship platform on cloud-native platform service architecture would ensure speed of future releases & a robust microservices development environment.

Manufacturing; Facilities & EnergyServices


Platform Architecture, DevOpsAutomation


Azure Kubernetes Service, AzureDevOps, Azure SQL PaaS


This business needed to ensure that a modern architecture could integrate and scale disparate data & application ecosystems in a single source. Building a greenfield system meant that a robust, architecturally sound Azure environment would set the groundwork to enable developers and best serve the end customer.

By partnering with Eastwall in a Platform Modernization engagement, our team was able to accomplish:

  • Greenfield Development of a decoupled, secure containerized environment with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) that could be deployed in minutes.
  • Scalable development practices of a platform to support multiple build & release environments on-demand with minimal cost and operational overhead.
  • Enabled redeployment & iteration on the platform as the functional requirements of integrations grow over time.
  • Agile backlog of improvement opportunities and technical opportunities to enhance the platform as SitelogIQ scales adoption. 

The Challenge: Turning a Proof of Concept into a Unified, Scalable Solution

In the fast-paced world of facilities and energy services, SitelogIQ understood that the speed of iteration and the ability to integrate with various external systems were critical to maintaining their industry-leading position. However, they faced a complex challenge: they needed to transition a viable proof of concept into a production-ready, modern platform that could seamlessly integrate and scale application ecosystems.

Building such a system from scratch was a daunting task. It required a deep understanding of SitelogIQ's unique needs, a clear vision of the desired end state, and the technical expertise to turn a proof of concept into a production-grade solution. Moreover, the platform needed to be robust enough to ensure long-term adoption and customer success, while also being flexible enough to adapt to changing requirements and technologies.

The challenge was clear: SitelogIQ needed a partner who could navigate these complexities and deliver a solution that would not only meet their immediate needs but also set them up for future success.


The Solution: A Collaborative Approach to Platform Modernization

Eastwall, a dedicated Azure partner, was the perfect fit for this ambitious project. Through a comprehensive Platform Modernization engagement, Eastwall and SitelogIQ embarked on a journey to transform SitelogIQ's operations and set the groundwork for future growth.

Understanding the complexity of SitelogIQ's challenge, Eastwall adopted a collaborative approach to deliver a tailored solution. Over several months, Eastwall worked closely with SitelogIQ to define platform requirements, evaluate software patterns, and architect a modern design. This collaboration involved SitelogIQ's senior IT staff and architects, ensuring the solution was tailored to their specific needs and strategic objectives. “I needed someone I could trust to provide best practices and guidance to build out our cloud native infrastructure and I found that in our Eastwall partners”, said Ryan Kelly, Lead Software Architect.

Eastwall's solution centered on building a fully automated platform experience. Leveraging Azure DevOps and post-deployment automation, they codified the platform with native templates. This approach resulted in a solution that was not only programmatic and scalable but also ensured that the platform could evolve as the functional requirements of integrations grew over time.

Recognizing the importance of security in today's digital landscape, Eastwall implemented security features through in-line pipeline validation and testing. Coupled with a secure architecture, this approach ensured that the platform offered the best experience for both end-users and developers who iterate on the platform.

But Eastwall's solution didn't stop at the initial deployment. They provided a working technical backlog of future improvements and continued opportunities for iteration and hardening in Azure DevOps. This forward-thinking approach ensured that SitelogIQ was equipped to enhance the ecosystem continually, whether through their continued relationship with Eastwall or within their own engineering team.


 Our leading platform, mySiteIQ, is a testament to the transformative power of modern cloud architecture and development patterns. With Eastwall's expertise, we've been able to deploy our platform in minutes, scale our operations with ease, and continuously innovate to serve our customers better. Eastwall has not just been a service provider, but a strategic partner in our journey towards operational excellence and continuous innovation.

Colm Lennon, Chief Technology Officer


The Result: Rapid Deployment, Continuous Innovation, and Strategic Partnership

The partnership led to several significant accomplishments and benefits:

  • Greenfield Development: Eastwall facilitated the development of a decoupled, secure containerized environment with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) that could be deployed in minutes. This greenfield development approach allowed SitelogIQ to bring the product online rapidly.
  • Scalable Development Practices: Eastwall implemented scalable development practices to support multiple build and release environments on-demand. This approach minimized cost and operational overhead, making it easier for SitelogIQ to manage their platform.
  • Enabled Rapid Redeployment & Iteration: As the functional requirements of integrations grew over time, Eastwall's solution enabled redeployment and iteration on the platform. This flexibility ensured that the platform could evolve with SitelogIQ's needs.
  • Continuous Improvement: Eastwall provided an agile backlog of improvement opportunities and technical enhancements to the platform. As SitelogIQ scales adoption, this backlog serves as a roadmap for continuous improvement and innovation.

    These benefits underscore the value of Eastwall's platform modernization services and their commitment to helping their clients achieve their strategic objectives. With Eastwall's support, SitelogIQ has not only transformed their operations but also positioned themselves for future success.

    This partnership marked the beginning of a transformative journey for SitelogIQ. With Eastwall's expertise and the power of Azure, they were able to build a platform that not only meets their current needs but is also equipped to handle future growth and changes.


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