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Build a robust and scalable Azure solution with design & engineering expertise. Eastwall offers everything from greenfield landing zone deployments, existing systems performance & cost optimization, to continuous improvement of complex application ecosystems. Discover how our team of experts can help you transform for success.

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Many service companies say they have the expertise, only to try to figure it out as they go. Work with a trusted partner that uses Microsoft's Well-Architected Framework & Cloud Adoption Framework to build it right the first time. Eastwall has a multi-step delivery and project methodology that ensures your projects are completed on-time and in-budget. 


Public Sector


Azure Active Directory (Entra ID), Remote Desktop Services


AAD Sync & Connect, AD Conditional Access, Remote Desktop Server, Multi-Factor Authentication


By partnering with Eastwall in an Azure Hybrid Identity Consolidation & Security Remediation engagement, our team was able to deploy a best-practices Azure Active Directory / Entra ID hybrid topology between on-premises and cloud.

This included optimization of conditional access and synchronization for all users, reducing attack surface vectors. By creating aeasily understandable identity environment with robust documentation and standard operating procedure (SOP) documents for onboarding users, offboarding users, and secure control of applications in the new environment. 

The collaboration between MHEC and Eastwall resulted in significant benefits that extended beyond the successful deployment of Hybrid Identity. MHEC planned, designed, extended, and implemented their identity topology within weeks. They promptly met their cybersecurity validation obligations and eliminated a longstanding multi-identity issue that affected every employee.

Eastwall partnered with MHEC to manage user communications and business expectations. Eastwall provided one-on-one support to MHEC priority users, ensuring success across all business segments and instilling confidence in MHEC for long-term solution ownership.

"Eastwall worked seamlessly, providing clear communications, daily and weekly updates, and precise technical information. They worked as an extension of our team, assisting in driving MHEC's technical systems in a direction that paves the way for future modernization.”
Judy Thornton, Director of Business Operations
Working with Eastwall has allowed us to better understand how to meet our customers where they are in a manner that is easily accessible, rapidly scalable and showcases the value of our core product. Their knowledge of the Azure cloud and modern software delivery processes has helped us look at how we deliver value to our customers in new and insightful ways.
Paul Wickre, Chief Technology Officer
Eastwall has made it easier for us to grow, expand and rely on Azure to support our business goals. Our partnership allows us to focus our internal resources on activities that generate value for our clients and continuously outlines our highest priorities moving forward.
Gerry Hogue, President & CEO
Our company was looking for a cloud consulting firm to provide a non-biased assessment of our cloud landscape. Eastwall brought unique expertise in healthcare and exceptional depth of software delivery lifecycle management to the assessment, achieving the objectives of our project and exceeding our expectations.
Luis Rivera, President
Our leading platform, mySiteIQ, is a testament to the transformative power of modern cloud architecture and development patterns. With Eastwall's expertise, we've been able to deploy our platform in minutes, scale our operations with ease, and continuously innovate to serve our customers better. Eastwall has not just been a service provider, but a strategic partner in our journey towards operational excellence and continuous innovation.
Colm Lennon, Chief Technology Officer

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