Case Study

Building a DevOps Plan for Rapid Future Iteration Cycles

As a leading radiation oncology quality assurance software, SunCHECK® was able to quickly prioritize development milestones to maintain market position and release cutting edge features.

Healthcare; Radiation Oncology


DevOps Audit, Process Audit


Azure DevOps, GitHub Enterprise, Pipeline Automation & Quality Assurance Automation


This business needed to evaluate current risks & release priorities associated with a large cycle release through the next calendar year. With major architecture changes on the horizon for cloud, expert validation was needed to ensure the optimal customer experience was delivered in a SaaS product.

By partnering with Eastwall in a Software Modernization & Roadmap engagement, our team was able to accomplish:

  • Robust categorization of risks in Software Delivery Lifecycle Management (SDLM) processes & outline of major milestones & process changes to release feature-rich SaaS software on-time and within budget.
  • Increased team confidence to reduce deployment lead times and provide increased transparency between product, cloud, hardware, sales and marketing teams.
  • Accuracy of planning & estimation by going ‘back to basics’ with architecture planning & strategy practices
  • Forward outlook that ensured SunCHECK® maintained market position as a leading product.

The Challenge

Sun Nuclear Corp. has a wide range of products that support patient, machine & diagnostic quality assurance (QA) as well as machine alignment across a broad variety of treatment modalities and quality assurance task groups. As a leading source for independent, integrated solutions for Quality Management in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, the SunCHECK® software is a comprehensive platform.

Providing the SunCHECK® software as a cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service solution adds significant complexity when dealing with on-premise hardware for treatment, connectivity, and customer-facing releases in active patient treatment environments. With major upcoming releases for the SaaS product, Sun Nuclear, Corp. was looking for a partner to review current practices and provide any recommendations to ensure customer experience & reliability remained top-of-mind as their SaaS product scales in growth and adoption.

Sun Nuclear, Corp. worked with several partners in the past and chose Eastwall not only because of its dedicated cloud focus but also because of Eastwall’s deep knowledge in the healthcare and radiation oncology space.


The Solution

Eastwall worked with Sun Nuclear, Corp. in an four-week Software Modernization & Roadmap engagement. Eastwall & Sun Nuclear, Corp. partnered to evaluate team collaboration & DevOps practices, core application architectures, existing cloud resources and critical software deployment methodologies. Together Eastwall & Sun Nuclear, Corp. built a mutual understanding of critical dependencies to continue critical-path release strategies and ensure that the best architecture was maintained to support the features of today and the commercial roadmap of tomorrow.

Providing ample documentation, Eastwall was able to outline opportunities to improve cloud architecture, software release frequency and overall cost profile. Sun Nuclear, Corp. leveraged the provided roadmap, guidelines & risk matrices to carry forward the recommendations through releases that have (and continue) to occur in 2023 and beyond.

Our company was looking for a cloud consulting firm to provide a non-biased assessment of our cloud landscape. Eastwall brought unique expertise in healthcare and exceptional depth of software delivery lifecycle management to the assessment, achieving the objectives of our project and exceeding our expectations.

Luis Rivera, President


The Benefit

Along with achieving significant visibility and alignment to critical-path objectives in the software ecosystem, Sun Nuclear. Corp was able to showcase findings internally with the team to advocate and gain traction on improved practices & collaboration methodologies. Sun Nuclear, Corp. embraced methodologies and tooling recommended by Eastwall and continues to release their market-leading software to the critical acclaim of their customer base. 

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